I talked to strangers, swam in the rain, collected sounds, trained my black poodle Viva, made perfume from forest flowers, wrote a thesis on phonetics, kickboxed, fly-fished, banged on pots and pans on the kitchen floor. Then I got a sax. A life partner.  Together we toured corners of the world without looking back. This gravitation towards the unknown and deep fascination for new knowledge and perspective has been a driving force of mine since the moment I set my foot on this earth.


Arts became an outlet for contemplation, exploration and expression. Somewhere to raise questions and tell those stories that words cannot communicate. Over the years I gained experience as an improvising saxophonist, performing artist and composer from my personal projects, commissions and collaborations.  I did solo performances at The Royal Palace of Norway, recorded music for the theatre piece EDDA by Robert Wilson, created music for an abandoned island commissioned by Ultima Contemporary Music Festival and Concerts Norway, har artist residencies at Southbank Centre in London and Edvard Munch's Ekely, composed music for string quartet Cikada, performed live on national television and collaborated with visionary artists such as Marina Abramovic, Anton Corbijn, Manfred Eicher, CocoRosie, Valgeir Sigurdsson and Nicolas Jaar. We can only wonder what is ahead.

Thank you for listening and hoping to see you soon,

Mette Henriette.

Mette Henriette is different
— Marina Abramovic
It is seldom I find someone I don’t know in the music world when that someone is one who surprises you with their talent and presence, and Mette is one of these people with that rare quality. She has an other worldly presence and appearance, utterly fascinating.
— Anton Corbijn